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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Gym... Walkin On The Wild Side

Since my fat wake-up call I have decided, I must go to the gym, you know the place I have been paying monthly for, yet look the opposite way when I drive by it.  Yeah that place, the place with people with the fabulous California bodies, lifting weights, chatting each other up over a nice cold glass of some green gunky they call a healthy shake. Ugh...

So I walk in, and head to childcare, where the sweet young girl who is always there immediately recognizes Bean and coos over her, only to be slapped right in front of my horrified and mortified eyes.  I for a moment consider acting like I just found her in the parking lot, but then just apologize profusely and tell her that Bean isn't the same since she had her surgery, that they definitely left her with a mean bone.  The sweet girl looks at me, wary, and takes Bean to play.  I walk out of childcare, and for a moment, the snack enters my mind.... Nope! On a mission I remind myself.

I head to the locker room where said fabulous California bodies parade naked talking to each other as if they were Eve in the garden and had no idea they were naked.  Boobs, boobs everywhere, and I am sorry, but these boobs were older than me, so they have absolutely no right to be so perky okay, at least not at 8 AM, it's just not right! 

Finally after putting my purse in the locker, grabbing my iPod, and making a trip to the little girls room, I hit the floor.  No not literally, I mean figuratively like I am rocking the gym girls.  I try to confidently walk to the treadmill, where this pretty mom, who obviously has been far more proactive than I is running, and I mean running.  I step on, turn on my Ipod, and humbly punch the speed to 3.0, man this is going to be a long journey... 


  1. At least you showed up, AND used child care. Two points for you. Keep it up. I"m still looking the other way when I drive by.

  2. Thank you!!! I did show up! It was rather interesting too. Who knew that there would be so much motivation at the gym! For one thing, I would love to jog on the treadmill without having all my jiggles going in different directions! Seeing people succeeding, makes me more motivated!