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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Did you Miss me?

So much to say so little time!!! I have been absent, out of commission, missing in action! Did you notice? I know, how insane of me to ask! Of course you did! LOL

Quick update! Due to the lovely issue of Pelvic Separation or Symphysis Pubis (I prefer the former, for some reason the latter grosses me out!) I have been on bed rest since July, but really not feeling good since May. Pelvic Separation for those moms lucky enough to have never had such an insane pregnancy ailment is where the pelvic bones separate too much due to the body producing too much of the hormone Relaxin. This causes no real support for the uterus, making carrying baby reallllly painful!

Anyone with chronic pain knows that you just get blue. There is no way around it, you can only handle so much, and being in pain, and having other duties and other children who need you to not stop can be draining. So that is why I took a hiatus. But Bean has been born and I am back baby!!!

Bean was born early December. She was born 5 weeks early and was only 3lbs 13oz. By the grace of God, she was perfect in every way. She was breathing on her own, and was the only baby in the NICU with no medical intervention other than to be under the warmers!!! Praise be to God! She might be tiny but she is mighty! Her attitude in utero had definitely translated to life on the outside!!! LOL She is feisty as ever and very opinionated!

Life with a newborn is filled with hilarity (mostly due to sleep deprivation), Sleep deprivation, and breakdowns (again due to sleep deprivation)... Um.... anyone getting the theme of the day? LOL Sleep deprivations has left me posting on Facebook, what I call drunk posts, even though no alcohol is involved. Stay tuned for that story!!!

I am back everyone! Hopefully I will be entertaining you with my posts again daily!