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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awwww The Thrill of Victory!!!

This morning started just like every other morning... I laid there, blinking, trying to decide if it is actually the right time on the clock or if maybe by accident, I hit it an hour ahead and still have an hour to sleep.  I decide to take the leap and get out of bed... I decide I better weigh myself before I eat a crumb, because you know once those crumbs enter your body, they weigh pounds, it's weird how that works.

So I go to the scale, and I debate, clothed or naked, hmmm.... as I am debating, Emma comes in, and wants to use my bathroom.  MY bathroom, just as I am working up the nerve to take that step onto the digital devil.  So in a moment of procrastination, I let her go... Now I am alone again... hmmm... finally I take the step onto the plank.  It blinks for an eternity, I keep waiting for springs to burst into the air and it to quit working all together, and wave the white flag.  The number comes up.  I stare.  Disbelief... Could it be?

I quick get off, and let it reset, and start the process over again... it is still blinking... when the number finally comes up.... I have LOST 4 LBS!!!  4 pounds people!  That is almost a bag of flour I am no longer carrying around!!!  I did it... well 4 pounds of it.  Many more to go, but I started!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bingo Wings...

If I ever thought I needed motivation to get fit by some cosmic force before, I was sorely mistaken.  All I really needed was to listen to the kiddos around me... Apparently honesty is the best policy, and the kids, have it down pat... Guess that is one success huh? Grrrr.... Maybe I need to start a new lesson called "Filter".

I was talking to my friend on the phone about how I am motivated, I have my fat wake-up call, I saw mom's with kids at the gym, that looked a heck of a lot better than me, so it is definitely possible.  When I hang up the phone I see Elise just smiling at me.  "Yes..." I say... "Oh," she says, "I just wanted to tell you that I am glad you are going to the gym, because maybe one day you can be skinny like me!" I smile, hiding the dragon within that wants to unleash on that poor naiive little girl and tell her that I will never be skinny like an 11 year old girl again!!! Hmph! I just say, "Oh thanks honey..." turn and grumble internally.

Later that day, I am talking to my neice and she starts talking about a Bingo Wing.  Intrigued by this newly coined (at least in my world) phrase, I ask her what a bingo wing is. She tells me to put my arm up, and hits my "muscle" on the wrong side of my arm and yells Bingo, as my "muscle" flubbs around.  "See Auntie? It's like the old ladies who play bingo?" I stare at her, so cute, so unaware, and again, I keep the dragon under control, smile and walk away..

Ugh! Bingo Wing?!? Who the heck thought of that?!  Definitely someone with no wings at all I am sure! So this morning I was looking at my wings, at this rate I could probably jump off a cliff and paraglide down safely with the wind under my wings.  I wonder if they can be cut off?  I wonder if they can be fixed?  Then I realize, I didn't get this not so svelt figure over night... I worked hard to get this pudge, but eating when stressed, and using food for comfort, and being idle when I should have been active.

I am now declaring war on the Bingo Wing.  Anyone out there who is looking to start somewhere, check for a bingo wing and declare war!  Stay tuned... Tomorrow is my weigh in... Gulp...