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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perks of Pregnancy: The Showers!!!

So I decided to write about the perks of pregnancy, because frankly, this will be the last time I will ever enjoy them. LOL. So let's start off with the Showers! Really it is a gifting party and celebration of your impending birth. They are fun, and girly, and usually filled with games and such. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that I am looking forward to the celebration. The only part I dread is all the registry!

The registry! OMGosh, it is enough to give me a panic attack! I hate feeling like I am asking for things, you know what I mean? But I have been asked by quite a few people to register so last Saturday, we got a sitter for the kiddos and headed to Babies R Us! If I had only known what I was in for, I may have procrastinated even longer.

First we go in and there is this fancy desk we sit at, we basically have to sign our life away giving them all kinds of information, and practically a sample of our blood. Then they show us how the scanner works. Mind you, I haven't registered in over 10 years. I was terrible at it then, and now with all the choices and information, my head was spinning!

So we decided the best plan of attack is to go aisle by aisle. I begin to chuckle at some of the things I see, seriously having a baby is huge business these days! You can really make parenting complicated as they now have a contraption for just about everything! I was amazed! They now have bottles that are BPA free... Say what? I had no idea I had to ask the lady at the store why these now BPA free bottles are good, and is it worth the fact that they are now $10 each? She said that BPA was in plastic and could cause cancer. I look at Collin as to say, "so I am religious about sunblock for our very blonde girls, but I basically gave them a cancer diet with my BPA bottles from years past?" Seriously can a parent catch a break? They also have bottle warmers (um... hello microwave? or even worse, my girls drank room temperature, GAsp! But hello at 3am, I was not about to stumble downstairs), bottle Sterilizer Kits for the microwave, LOL I have to laugh again, because I always used the dishwasher. Isn't that sanitary enough? Apparently not, because now you can do it in the microwave with yet another contraption to sit on your counter! Then there was the binky mister, for when the pacifier lands on the floor. I guess that would be good if you were out, but I always just found a drinking fountain or sink. And whatever happened to "God made dirt, dirt don't hurt"?

So as we are going around, my chuckles turn to fear, have I been doing it all wrong these years? Should I be contraption happy? Are these things I NEED??? OMGosh, so we continue wandering and I decide that if we are to need all of these things, we are going to need to add on about 1000 square feet onto our house to actually house all the paraphernalia. I mean seriously!

Finally I go to the mother's room, in a desperate need for a break from registering. I try to put my head between my knees like I have seen on the movies when people are in distress, only my belly prevents me from making the full descent. After about 10 minutes, I come back calm and renewed. We go back to registering for the basics, deciding that we will definitely take our chances on contraption less life and stick to the basics.

So I get home and I tell my sister and my friend I have registered. I get two calls back... "What about socks?", "What about Changing Pads and Burp Rags?", "What about a snuggly for the car seat?". Dread washes over me again. How am I going to do this? I can't even remember what the basics are anymore? I have a half done registry that took me two hours to do! OMGosh! Cue hallelujah music as I have my hallelujah moment... You can now register ONLINE!!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!!! I was able to go online and add my pads, rags, socks and snugglies!!! H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am able to sit back and relax, my part of the shower is now done, even though I have offered to help with whatever, my friends and sister insist I just show up. Okie Schmokie! No arguments there! I will be able to sip iced tea, eat yummy foods, and enjoy the company of everyone around me that I hold so dear, while celebrating the impending birth of Elisha! Only two months till my showers begin! Hooray!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pregnancy Put Me Behind the 8 Ball!

Geez Louise! I have been so behind on this blog! I feel terrible that my last post was literally a month ago, to the day! So much to do, so little time! I have been ridiculously exhausted, but other than that all is well. You know it is bad when you are too tired to actually blog, because seriously, how difficult is blogging? LOL

Ok. The scoop! Bean's gender has been revealed... Bean is.... Another Girl!!!! While I am excited, I do feel a bit for Colin because he is completely outnumbered, I mean counting the dog the count is going to be 5 to 1! LOL Poor Guy! We have been going back and forth on names, and as of now, Bean will be called Elisha! I had been kind of leaning towards a boy, just because Elisha feels like a UFC cage fighter trying to make an escape, she moves constantly and with great Vigor! Her movements alone have really given me such peace because I was so worried due to a past miscarriage, that I really hadn't been able to relax and enjoy until I felt her move regularly. It's one of those be careful what you wish for, because half the time I feel like she is on the other side of my belly button, pulling on it! LOL Such a weird sensation!

We don't have the Nursery ready, partly because it is currently the playroom, and partly because I am too tired to do anything other that barely make it to work, and then nap. I am seeing the doctor today and we will discuss this. I don't think feeling like a limp noodle is such a good thing when at work, so maybe I will be off work early this time. Time will tell. Although that would give me plenty of time, to get ready for Elisha, Blog and Scrapbook... Hmmm..... Sounds good to me!

Emma and Elise are just still so thrilled. Elise has begun sewing on her own. Grandma has gotten her her own machine with her own sewing cabinet and sooooo she has been busy making me receiving blankets. I am pretty sure she is the only 10 year old with her own sewing center in her room. She asked me about a bobbin, and I said a what? I have absolutely no idea what a bobbin is. Can you help me out here? She said she had a sidewinder for a bobbin, and I am like it sounds a little too Top Gun to me, so I guess we will have to wait for Grandma to get back into town, because this whole bobbin thing is confusing!

Whew, that was a quick run down. I promise to be better about my posts! Thank you all for reading despite my irregular posts as of late!