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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Product Review!!!

As I said in an earlier post, Eco Store USA has asked me to do a product review of a few of their baby products. I am reviewing the Baby Wash, Baby Moisturizer (both of which have aromatherapy properties) and the Nappy Balm. These are eco friendly products minus all the nasty chemicals. Intrigued I agreed to try these out and do a review! I told them I would give an honest review, and if I didn't like the products I wouldn't say I did. Luckily for them I loved the products. My only concern would be pricing, but see below for a chance to try them risk free.
At first glance, the product bottles are not huge. When you go to buy some of these name brand products you think the bigger the better, so when I saw these moderately sized bottles, I was a little concerned. When I realized that it is because you need to use less of the products for the same results, it all made more sense. Each item reviewed costs $10 each.
First the Baby wash, smells so good. I asked my daughter Emma what she thought, and she said, "That smells nice Mommy!". She has the most sensitive skin of all of us, and she really liked it. You can use less yet still get a great lather without all those "Nasty Chemicals". You use less, and your body feels fresh (yes, I tried it on me too, I thought what the hay!). I didn't feel dried out like I do with a lot of the body products I have used aimed at the female market.
Next the Moisturizer. Also aromatherapy, this one seems almost invigorating. The lavender smell puts you at ease, but it feels so good going on at the same time. Also you need less, and it goes further than you would think. But this light to the touch moisturizer gives you a deep moisture feeling usually only heavy moisturizer can give, minus the greasiness.
Finally the Nappy Balm aka diaper balm. This I had no babies to test on, but I decided to check it out anyway. I think we all know how smelly those other diaper balms can me, and thick too. Well this Nappy Balm, was really light yet seemed to have enough to create that barrier of protection. It smelled very neutral and also had very moisturizing properties. I was actually impressed. Now that I will soon have a baby to use this on, I am definitely going to be planning on using this in my nursery.
So? Want to try these products risk free? The first to email me with their Name address and Phone number (needed for fed ex) will be forwarded on to EcoStore. You will receive a 25 dollar credit and April is Earth Month, so shipping will be free!!! So email me at to get your $25 free in natural eco-friendly products! I really wouldn't put this on my blog unless I tried it and liked it! So try it and then let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Eco Store USA contacted me about reviewing some of their products on my blog. The products are natural, plant based and are earth friendly. The products range from Household Cleaning supplies to body and baby products.
I will be testing out three products. Once I have used these products I will be reviewing them right on this blog. The products are Aromatherapy Baby Body Wash, Aromatherapy Baby Moisturizer, and Protection Baby Nappy Balm (diaper balm).
I have to say that even prior to trying them as I have just received them I am already impressed. They sent full size products no small samples to me, I feel that sends a message that they are very confident in their products and are hiding nothing. They also choose to pursue the mom blogger market, which I feel that shows that they understand the power of women in the market place. We are very intelligent and discerning buyers.
So I will review these at weeks end. Also there is an opportunity for one lucky reader to get a $25 dollar gift certificate for product and April is Earth Month so all orders of $25 and qualify for free shipping. (Oh! May I add that even their shipping supplies were earth friendly and sustaining!) You will need to email me at with the following information: Name, mailing address, and phone number. I will forward this on to ECO store and they will take it from there.
Check out for more information about the company.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh....

A baby's heartbeat is such a wonderful sound! It is the best remedy to really anything! I just got back from my appointment, and although I have had several ultrasounds (due to my fear based insanity! LOL) but I hadn't actually heard the heartbeat! It was wonderful! Bean was sleeping so the doctor did her best to rouse him/her. It worked for a minute and all my worry was indeed assuaged. I think the doctor was determined to have Bean give me a show for self-preservation! LOL Everyone around there knows me, and I swear I worse this time than with my first!

I just needed to update! I have several articles I will be adding to the blog over the next week! I have been one sad blogger, due to being so overly tired! I tried to explain to Emma and Elise that my body is just exhausted from all the work! They told me that I need to sleep at night then! LOL as if I hadn't been, but I guess that is their way of telling me I need a bed time.

Well back to work for now! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting posts!!!