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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Motherhood Dementia... My self-diagnosis

Ok, it's pretty simply right? Have a baby, lose sleep. But for most mother's this is a problem for let's just say at most 3 months (either all the mother's I have talked to have lied their tookas' off or they have been afflicted with MD), well it's been 8 for me. Eight long months of sleep interruptions every 3 to 4 hours (seriously I am a couple weeks away from starting to mumble to myself!). You would think I would know what to expect, after all Bean is number 3 but I have what I call, Motherhood Dementia, and I don't remember the other two not sleeping. It's true! I swear!

Motherhood dementia, is our innate ability as a mother to forget how hard pregnancy can be, birth is, sleeplessness is, teen years etc. Now I haven't been through the teen years yet, Elise is only 10 (ohhhhh but she is trying hard, crying jags, meltdowns... Lord Help Me!!!). But my mom always says, "when you were a kid you never cried, you slept all night, and you weren't like those other teens." Now while I smile and shine my golden halo, I know she has indeed been struck by Motherhood Dementia. For one, I am pretty darned positive, that every baby cries, no baby sleeps all night straight from the womb (especially at 6lbs), and every teen has his/her day.

I talk to my friends who have had babies as recently as 2 years ago. Mostly to vent, but also to hear that my little Bean isn't the only sleepless monster in the bunch! Oh No..... Their babies have slept since 3 months aka forever! Hmmm.... Now I know that these lovely women have MD, but it tends to make me feel a little crazy. Am I the only one whose baby doesn't sleep all night? Am I the only dark circled, coffee addicted, nearly pulling my hair out mom? Could it be?

I know for sure I have had a bad case of MD because if I didn't I never would have had two or three right? I mean MD allows us to go through the hell of childbirth (when the epidural fails mind you) and still sign up for another tour of duty! MD allows us to think of our kids with halo's when we are older, MD allows us sanity after the insanity.

What I would really like, is some sleep, a heavy dose of MD to forget the sleeplessness of the last 8 months, and a LARGE, STRONG.... cup of coffee.