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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has Fall Arrived In California?

I stuck a toe out of the covers this morning, to catch an idea of the temperature I would be jumping into once I left the warm cozy confines of my bed. My toe quickly retracted like a turtles head into it's shell.  Burrrr... I lie there very still under the down comforter, and try to strategize my exit.  The longer I lie there, I realize, the harder it is to work up the courage. So I quick sit up.....ohhhhh then lie down... quick first thing in the morning is not a good thing.  I curl back up under my comforter, and again try to work up the courage.  I look at the clock... 6:55am.  Well, there is part of the problem. My toes obviously realize that I have another 5 minutes before they really have to get up... I stare up at the ceiling, I had never noticed the texture of the ceiling before... hmmm... interesting....  I look out the corner of my eyes, 701am... ugh... I know what is next.... I slowly sit up, bringing the covers with me... I swing my legs over the edge, and stand.... burrrr....

Yes, Fall has arrived.  Here in California, I thought it would never happen, what with Halloween day being in the 80's. I was worried I would never get the Christmas spirit in the sauna like weather we were experiencing... I had just gone to Toys R Us with Emma to spend her birthday money. The air conditioner blasted on the way to the store, we get out, and heat, ugh. It's the first week of November and I am in a tank top, capris and flip flops.  We enter the store and what do I hear?  Christmas music.  Really?  It's 80 degrees people!!! I cannot even picture sleighs or bells, or anybody in a velour anything, when I am sweating just walking though the parking lot!

So tonight, we actually got some weather, drizzle and sprinkles.  The smell of fresh rain wafted in to the valley this afternoon ahead of the storm.  I love the smell of rain, it renews me, re-energizes me.  I love fall... I am going to enjoy this two weeks of fall, drizzle and 60 degree temps, before winter hits by Thanksgiving and I am having to wear my flip flops with my sweat suits... it may sound weird, but it is the one luxury of California weather, that I couldn't give up.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tethered Cord? What the Heck?

Bean is now 14 months old and what a ride it has been.  Part of the reason I haven't been able to blog is all we have been going through since her premature birth.  She is a fighter though, and not just any kiddo could come home at 3lbs 13oz! She may be tiny (still just 18 lbs.) but she is mighty!

Our latest dealing has been with the neurosurgeon.  It turns out that after her pediatrician, to whom I refer to as Doogie Howser, or actually her former pediatrician finally got it right.  Doogie has sent us to specialist after specialist, because apparently in medicine, the equivilent of crying wolf is sending their patients to every known specialist JUST in case. So after replacing said Doogie, and going on our fifth specialist, there was finally a diagnosis, for something Bean had no symptoms for save for two small dimples on her tookas.

Those dimples lead to the referral to see the Neuro who recommended an MRI.  Now an MRI for a baby is no small deal.  Bean had to actually be generally sedated.  Can you say scary????  I have seen Grey's Anatomy enough to know that some people do not wake from Anesthesiology for no known reason sometimes.  Well Bean did wake, and much to my relief didn't have any of the side affects of anesthesia at all.

After the MRI came back, we have the diagnosis of Tethered Cord Syndrome.  This is no small deal either!!!  I had no idea there was anything out there like this.  You know unless you go through most things in life, we are blissfully ignorant of the possibilities.  So to break it down easily I am borrowing from the website from Boston Children's Hospital Neurology:
The term tethered spinal cord refers to any condition in which the spinal cord is attached to an immovable structure. Normally the bottom of the spinal cord, called the conus medullaris, floats freely within a pool of spinal fluid. There are, however, an array of pathologic conditions that cause tethering of the cord. This leads to abnormal stretching with growth and movement, which over time can lead to the characteristic symptoms of tethered spinal cord, including muscle weakness, sensory loss, change in bowel or bladder control, and orthopedic deformity. 

We are indeed blessed, because of these dimples, Bean will have the surgery next week, on Veteran's day.  She will be going in, and will be in the ICU.  I hope to be able to get more information out about tethered cord syndrome.  It is treatable, and early detection, can save you from disastrous damage later.  Have a look at the website.  If you or anyone you know has any worries, ask your pediatrician to refer you for a Neuro consult.  In Bean's case, barring anything going wrong, she will go on to have a normal life, with no ill effects.  Finding out later, or ignoring Doogie's hundreth referral, could have posed life long challenges for Bean.  Be proactive in your health and that of your children!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blogging... is it really that hard?

Wow, to be a mom means to be selfless, loving, knowledgeable, and tired.  I am a mom.  I give my kids and husband my all.  I regret none of it.  I love them dearly.  I ask for little in return... A trip to the gym a few times a week (do we have to mom????), their chores done (which apparently makes them Cinderella), a couple nights out a MONTH to my bunco groups (but mom we neeeever see you, ahem except for every waking moment), and to blog (insert my whining voice, because I am too tired to think to blog!).

I miss blogging regularly.  Imparting my wisdom, my musings to the greater atmosphere to be read or not. It is my outlet.  I try to journal, but it is the same thing. To have the time to sit alone with my thoughts alone and a cup of tea??? Really??? Oh my goodness, what a luxury.  Instead even as I take the time out to write this blog, my thoughts keep going to the meat that needs to be defrosted, the pantry straightened, the counters wiped, and the never ending monster I call laundry is calling my name. Yet I write, for 5 minutes, maybe even 10. 

It is an exciting moment for me.  My journal sits to my left, and my cell phone with my eBay stats buzzing to my right.  The kids for the moment, content in their own activities to allow me this pleasure.  Life has been blog worthy as of late. I hope to bring that to a blog soon.  I have been trying to gather my thoughts around the changes in our lives. The good... The bad.  I hope to be able to share my experiences to the greater atmosphere, to be read or not, and if they are read, to make a difference to someone, whether it is just with humor, or information. 

As moms it is important to know we are not alone.  We are in this together, working or stay at home, married or single, straight or gay.  Mom's have a special job here on earth, and we are in it to win it. I wish you all a wonderful weekend... I am going to go make some tea, and pretend that we have a chilly November evening instead of the balmy humid one, we really have.  I can't make snow outside, like those ski places, but I can sure chill it up here at home... I am sure the employees at our electric company high five each other every time they get our reading!