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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Mother's Excitement

I have now realized how my world has changed since becoming a mom.  My views on fun, and excitement, and even retail therapy are drastically different than they once were.  I was sitting there thinking about it this Saturday morning, as I drank my coffee, before anyone rose, cherishing my alone time, at 6am! How sick is that??? 6am? Ugh... Gone are the days of sleeping in, but I can't even make it till 8am? What the heck???

I was sitting there contemplating the changes in my perspective, laughing, and admittedly crying at the same time.  I love being a mom, don't get me wrong, but gone are the days, I can watch MTV without cringing, gone are the days I can watch what I want when I want, I now am sitting there surrounded by little people, and now there is the greater good to look out for, and CSI, doesn't seem to fit the bill. Thank Goodness for the DVR, am I right?

I got a sitter the other day, so that I could run some errands with two free hands. OMGosh, I was giddy.  I was giddy to go to the bank, and the grocery store.  Seriously, something is wrong here.  Then I decided to do some retail therapy, heck I was out right?  Where did I end up you ask?  The local Wal-Dizzle! I walk in, with a sense of freedom, so rarely felt, and mind you, I HATE going to box stores, because they are always crowded with crying kids, grumpy parents, yet for some brain faded moment I chose it for my retail therapy.  I am pretty sure I am back to my Motherhood Dementia phase.

I excited throw items into the cart with reckless abandon! I will worry about the bill later right, this is therapy!  I go aisle by aisle, tossing items in, without even looking at the price, I mean how expensive can they be, I am at the Wal-Dizzle!  I feel more free with every toss. I walk confidently to the checkout, only to find myself behind said grumpy parents and crying kids. Ugh... my high is fading quickly.  Then I get to the counter, and get the largest buzzkill I have had in recent years as I see the items I chose for my retail therapy.  Crossing the checkout is a slew of sippy cups, wipee packages, snack containers, fishy crackers, fruit snacks, and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and a total of $60! Sixty dollars and nothing for me, no splurges, no purses, movies.  No... my retail therapy was useful items. What is wrong with me?  I left Wal-Dizzle deflated, shoulders slumped, and headed to starbixals, where I bought the cheapest cup of black coffee, before heading home to pay the sitter $20.

Yes... my world has changed.  I come home, and see three smiling faces, and hear "Mommy's home" before being bum rushed with hugs and see three excited kids go through their spoils.  My energy is back, and I remember, that this is why I am a mom...

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