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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awwww The Thrill of Victory!!!

This morning started just like every other morning... I laid there, blinking, trying to decide if it is actually the right time on the clock or if maybe by accident, I hit it an hour ahead and still have an hour to sleep.  I decide to take the leap and get out of bed... I decide I better weigh myself before I eat a crumb, because you know once those crumbs enter your body, they weigh pounds, it's weird how that works.

So I go to the scale, and I debate, clothed or naked, hmmm.... as I am debating, Emma comes in, and wants to use my bathroom.  MY bathroom, just as I am working up the nerve to take that step onto the digital devil.  So in a moment of procrastination, I let her go... Now I am alone again... hmmm... finally I take the step onto the plank.  It blinks for an eternity, I keep waiting for springs to burst into the air and it to quit working all together, and wave the white flag.  The number comes up.  I stare.  Disbelief... Could it be?

I quick get off, and let it reset, and start the process over again... it is still blinking... when the number finally comes up.... I have LOST 4 LBS!!!  4 pounds people!  That is almost a bag of flour I am no longer carrying around!!!  I did it... well 4 pounds of it.  Many more to go, but I started!!!

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