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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Has Fall Arrived In California?

I stuck a toe out of the covers this morning, to catch an idea of the temperature I would be jumping into once I left the warm cozy confines of my bed. My toe quickly retracted like a turtles head into it's shell.  Burrrr... I lie there very still under the down comforter, and try to strategize my exit.  The longer I lie there, I realize, the harder it is to work up the courage. So I quick sit up.....ohhhhh then lie down... quick first thing in the morning is not a good thing.  I curl back up under my comforter, and again try to work up the courage.  I look at the clock... 6:55am.  Well, there is part of the problem. My toes obviously realize that I have another 5 minutes before they really have to get up... I stare up at the ceiling, I had never noticed the texture of the ceiling before... hmmm... interesting....  I look out the corner of my eyes, 701am... ugh... I know what is next.... I slowly sit up, bringing the covers with me... I swing my legs over the edge, and stand.... burrrr....

Yes, Fall has arrived.  Here in California, I thought it would never happen, what with Halloween day being in the 80's. I was worried I would never get the Christmas spirit in the sauna like weather we were experiencing... I had just gone to Toys R Us with Emma to spend her birthday money. The air conditioner blasted on the way to the store, we get out, and heat, ugh. It's the first week of November and I am in a tank top, capris and flip flops.  We enter the store and what do I hear?  Christmas music.  Really?  It's 80 degrees people!!! I cannot even picture sleighs or bells, or anybody in a velour anything, when I am sweating just walking though the parking lot!

So tonight, we actually got some weather, drizzle and sprinkles.  The smell of fresh rain wafted in to the valley this afternoon ahead of the storm.  I love the smell of rain, it renews me, re-energizes me.  I love fall... I am going to enjoy this two weeks of fall, drizzle and 60 degree temps, before winter hits by Thanksgiving and I am having to wear my flip flops with my sweat suits... it may sound weird, but it is the one luxury of California weather, that I couldn't give up.

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